Handling Pics

Austin-what time is it     Scarlet-where's a mouse     

Rhett-I'm gonna shed    Rhett-I shed    Corba-ok I'll be still

     Tex-I see the light

Albie-I smell something     Zena-I don't want to be still

Miscellaneous Pics

Rhett-cleaning self, dirtying water  Scarlet-found the mouse
Scarlet-to hide or not to hide     Albie-out 'n' about

Rhett-climbing       Austin-comfy bed

Corba-aren't I beautiful    Tex-I'm blue    Zena-explore time

Austin-this is high     Tex-climbing     Corba-I'm hiding

Female Corn Cage     Albie's cage     All cages

Scarlet-white-sided?    Scarlet-not white-sided?

Albie-soaking in water   

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